Couple hope their new gospel CD will motivate, uplift

January 16, 2004|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

When Tammy Sears pops in her new gospel CD to give a taste of what's on it, her cheerful demeanor intensifies into joy.

She plays a few tracks on "Renewed" to exhibit its different flavors, which include jazz, R&B, pop and gospel sounds. She sings along with a few of them, caught up in the delight that singing and this CD bring. She says she thinks others who hear it will find it "very positive and motivating," especially women, who these days are "worn out and stressed out."

"I hope this (CD) gives a little boost for the day," notes Tammy, whose husband David produced the CD. "I hope it will help anybody with their walk for Christ. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated. "I wanted people to feel renewed after listening to it." Both Searses say creating and finishing "Renewed" has been a long, hard project.

"It has not come overnight. ... There's been so much interference," Tammy notes.


They have full-time jobs - David works in information technology at the University of Kentucky and Tammy is a social worker at the Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore. They both give lessons - she teaches voice and David teaches piano. They also have a son, Landon, a lively youngster who keeps them busy.

And they've had to acquire money little by little to get "quality musicians" to put together the CD. David says they'd save up, then go to Nashville usually and cut two or three tracks. Sometimes tracks would have to be recut.

David says the CD was cut in Lexington and in his home studio as well as in Nashville.

"It's taken a lot of sacrifice," Tammy says.

Both Searses, who are members of Moreland Christian Church, wrote the songs. Tammy performs lead vocals and some background vocals, while David performs background vocals and some piano.

"Renewed" is the first release from the wife-husband duo.

The couple met when Tammy signed up for guitar classes with David. She says she had been singing since she was 4 years old, beginning with church singing.

"My family would pack me everywhere to sing on weekends," she reflects with a smile.

David introduced her to pop influences, and she says she "got into it." "I really liked it," Tammy notes. "Now, I like Diana Krall. ... I like a lot of jazz stuff."

He remembers she was "so talented on the piano." Then, they began playing guitar/piano pieces together. Tammy says they both like "melody-based tunes." They've performed with R&B and country bands, as well as in trios and as a duo.

"I worked my way through college in bands," Tammy Sears says.

From 1993-1999, they lived in Nashville, writing country music and performing. David played a lot of country dates in Nashville, while Tammy was home with Landon.

She says she'd spend time writing music when the ideas were flowing. At the time, she wasn't listening to a lot of Christian music.

Tammy says they got tired of working on country music and wanted something new and fresh.

"We wanted to use the talents God had given us and give glory to God," she says.

They are originally from Somerset and David attended Centre College.

They moved back to Kentucky in 1999 to be closer to their family. Currently, they're setting up gigs to promote "Renewed."

The CD is available at Danville Christian Bookstore and Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, as well as

The Searses are glad the project is finished are looking forward to promoting the CD.

"God is faithful," Tammy says. "He helped us get it done when we thought we wouldn't."

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