CCHS program may help tardiness

January 16, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - The Casey County High School staff is looking at a new program in an attempt to reduce tardies.

Principal Tim Goodlett said after checking information about tardies and misconduct, the school realizes the need to address students who arrive to classes late. He said the staff is working on a new program - Start on Time - to reduce tardies.

Goodlett said the program will be discussed more and the staff will look at other avenues before the program is actually put in place.

"We're looking to improve school climate," he told the county Board of Education Monday.

He also said a safe schools audit at the high school and middle school is being done in order to make the Casey schools better and safer.


The Center for Safe Schools in Richmond offers the free audit and makes an in-house study to see what can be done to make schools safer, Goodlett said. Results of the audit will be released next month.

Goodlett said 70 percent of the tardies involved freshmen, who are not used to the routine of changing classes in a larger building. The middle school classes are usually in one wing and take less time to get to.

However, the situation has improved this semester, Goodlett said. Students want to talk between classes and it takes more time to get to some of the classrooms that are scattered throughout the building.

"The kids are beginning to understand the responsibility placed on them to get to class on time," the principal said.

"We need every minute of instruction time to be productive in order to be proficient by 2014," Goodlett said.

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