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January 18, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

The Boyle County Medical Society adopted a schedule of fees at its monthly meeting. Some of the charges are: visit in daytime within town limits, $2; visit beyond town limits for each additional mile, $1; night visits, double the foregoing rates with night visits meaning after 9 p.m. in town or after dark in the country; first visit in consultation with another physician, $10; each additional consultation, $5; office and telephone consultation, $1 to $5; vaccination fee, $2; and ordinary obstetrical case, including first visit, $20 to $25. Physicians in the society are J.C. Bogle, W.A. Brown, W.O. Hopper, J.E. Caldwell, H.S. Chase, Fayette Dunlap, George Cowan, J.R. Cowan, J.D. Jackson, F.H. Montgomery, C.P. Harvielle and Spurgeon Cheek.

The Knights of Pythias are preparing for a big event at their hall on Main Street. A supper will be served in the lodge room, consisting of all the delicacies of the season. A band will perform and visitors are expected from neighboring lodges. The order wants to build a new hall and proceeds from the supper will go toward the building.


William Eastland, who lives about five miles from town on the Harrodsburg Pike, witnessed a strange sight while doing some work on his farm. He heard the sharp ring of a cow bell but he knew there were no cattle on the place. One of the party looked up and spied a large buzzard that was flying over with a bell tied to its neck.

After a meeting of the Farmers Home Insurance Co. of Junction City, the following were elected as officers: president, A. Miller; general manager, A.N. Wells; secretary, E.C. Cosby; and treasurer, S.T. Lingle. The company expects to double its business in the coming year.

The grocery store of A. Coulter on the corner of Fourth and Main streets was burglarized. The thieves pried open the lock on the front door. About $6 in goods and money were stolen. Mr. Coulter had deposited his money in the bank that day and left only a small amount in the drawer for change. Several sacks of flour were taken.

Mittie Dunn of Bryantsville has announced her candidacy for superintendent of the Garrard County school. She is well known in Danville, where she was a student at Caldwell College.

75 years ago - 1929

Plans are being perfected by the Danville Chamber of Commerce for its 1929 program. Mayor W.O. McIntyre submitted a number of proposals, including erecting a replica of the first courthouse in Kentucky in McDowell Park. Records show this courthouse was located in Danville and built of 9-inch thick hewed logs. The likeness of Walker Daniel would be placed in the courthouse. He is the first commonwealth's attorney and Danville is named for him. He laid out the town, providing for the wide streets, of which all the people are proud.

A $1,545 gift from the orphans' day racing fund of the Idle Hour Fair Association will be given to the Kentucky School for the Deaf. The money was offered to the Christian Church Widows and Orphans Home, but they turned it down. The president of the board characterized the gift as "race track propaganda."

A storm that hit Boyle County uprooted trees, blew down telephone poles, broke windows and blew doors off the hinges. The plate glass windows in the Baugh and Garner Furniture store were blown out and much of the furniture was damaged. Several china closets were blown down and broken. The front door at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Lindsay was blown from its hinges and water damaged furniture in the home. Telephone service was disrupted and the power was off for several hours.

Plenty of good homemade candy, cakes, pies and other good things will be on sale at the pantry sale given at the Piggly Wiggly by the mothers of the Broadway PTA. Proceeds will be applied to a new radio purchased at the Broadway School. The children and teachers are delighted with the beautiful musical programs directed by the famous Walter Damrosch.

50 years ago - 1954

The final ballots sent out by the Danville Chamber of Commerce ask that members vote for six of the 14 nominees for the board of directors. The new officers will be introduced at the annual banquet, which will be held in the gymnasium of the new Jennie Rogers Elementary School. The gym will hold 400 people.

Earlier store hours on Saturdays will be observed by Danville businesses. The merchants voted to close at 6 p.m. For some, this means closing as much as two hours earlier. It will be necessary for some stores to remain on their regular schedule. The earlier closing is not meant to inconvenience shoppers but to give additional leisure hours to employees.

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