Mercer County public record for Jan. 18

January 18, 2004

Cases handled recently in Mercer District Court, listed by name, charge and, where applicable, fine and jail sentence, include the following. Court costs were assessed in most cases. Ages and addresses are listed if available.

Joey Lee Baker Jr., 23, 786 Cane Run St., flagrant non-support, amended to non-support, six months probated.

Dephanie J. Buster, 42, 403 West Lane, second offense driving under the influence of intoxicants, blood-alcohol content .103 percent, $380, seven days with credit for five days served, 12-month license suspension; driving with license suspended by DUI conviction, $100 and 30 days, jail sentence probated.

Marvin W. Eldridge, 40, Florida, two counts of terroristic threatening and two counts of harassing communications, 60 days on each count, credit for time served, balance probated.

Dana Gibson, 31, 141 Cummins Drive, second offense DUI, $420, seven days, and 18-month license suspension, credit for three days served, four-day sentence converted to eight days of home incarceration.


Brad G. Hurst, 21, 595 Bondville Road, Salvisa, possession of marijuana, $300, $150 of which goes to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, 30 days, probated.

Steven Russell Jewell, 29, 232 Harrod Trace, second offense DUI, blood-alcohol content .085 percent, $350, seven days and 18-month license suspension; careless driving, merged; license to be in possession and failure to notify Department of Transportation of address change, dismissed.

John Thomas Mayes, 52, 474 W. Broadway, DUI, $300 and 120 days; careless driving and menacing, merged; driving with expired plate, $25.

Robert Retallick, 35, 2077 New Dixville Road, flagrant non-support amended to non-support, 182 days, probated.

Tammy H. Taylor, 44, 138 J.E. Woods Drive, Danville, DUI, blood-alcohol content .119 percent, $240 and 120-day license suspension; no insurance, $1,000 with $900 probated; expired registration plate, merged; no Kentucky registration receipt, dismissed.

Christopher Devine, 18, 544 N. College St., alcohol intoxication, $25; possession of marijuana, $300, $150 of which goes to the DARE program; possession of drug paraphernalia, $50.

David Lee Lynn, 34, 312 Caldwell St., Danville, DUI, $290 and 120-day license suspension; careless driving, $50; failure to notify Department of Transportation of address change, dismissed.

Jamie L. Williams, 18, 407 Catlett Lane, DUI, blood-alcohol content .175 percent, $290 and 120-day license suspension; possession of open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle, $35; careless driving, $50; no seat belt, $25.

Angela R. Goodlett, 37, 549 Newby Drive, third-degree assault of transportation officer, 12 months, to serve 120 days, balance probated; disorderly conduct, merged; resisting arrest, 12 months.

Radford L. Hooper, 54, 330 Woodsland Drive, theft of services, $100 and 30 days, credit for time served.


Cases held to the grand jury include:

Howard James Craddock, 43, 926 Riverside Drive, driving under the influence of intoxicants, disregarding a stop sign, disregarding a traffic control device, no seat belt, first-degree fleeing police, first-degree wanton endangerment, and first-degree wanton endangerment of a police officer.

Jeremy Shane Presley, 24, 351 Holtzclaw, Danville, first-degree possession of a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence and advertising drug paraphernalia.


New driver licenses issued in the office of Mercer Circuit Clerk Rose Bishop include:

Joseph Hunt, 16, of Harrodsburg.

Patricia A. Lambert, 19, of Harrodsburg.

Anthony Massie Jr., 16, of Harrodsburg.

Nancy Montes, 21, of Harrodsburg.

Justin Dorsey, 16, of Harrodsburg.

William Bowden, 19, of Harrodsburg.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Ronnie Compton include:

MIF Investments Inc. and Davis and Shirley Turner to Gary W. and Elizabeth C. Griffieth, property on Bohon Duncan Road, $32,500.

Ralph Phillips III to Lee Claunch, property in Lee Oak Estates subdivision, $25,000.

Harold S. and Jennifer M. Best to Pete Thompson, one-half interest in unit in Bright Leaf North Condominiums, $25,000.

Hubert L. and Shirley J. Robinson to Janice Byrd, property on U.S. 127, $64,000.

Richard and Missy Rowe to Lori Taylor, property in Hillside Terrace subdivision, $73,900.

Sue Abrams to Bartholomew D. Allen, property in Blue Ridge subdivision, $75,000.

William F. and Lisa E. Bugg to Tracy Stratton and Billy D. Dooley, property on Davenport Lane, $83,500.

Gary L. and Karen S. Carney to Eric A. and Meghan P. McGinnis, property in Fountaine View subdivision, $185,000.

Clarice Brock to Lois J. Lacefield and others, property on Forsythe Mill and Dugansville roads, gift; fair market value, $314,221.

Jeffrey T. Jones and Lori Stripplehoff to Jason R. Elder, Larry S. Elder and Larry G. Elder, property in Oak Knoll subdivision, $165,500.

Robert C. and Melva White and Adam L. White to Kenneth W. Holmes and Lynne Aiken-Holmes, tract of the Witt property, $55,000.

W.M. Sexton to Stacy Curtsinger, property in Providence Manor subdivision, $82,500.

Stacy Curtsinger to George C. and Allenea J. Bishop, property on Keenon Road, $131,000.

F.B. and Linda J. Eubanks, trustees of the Eubanks Family Trust, to F.B. and Linda J. Eubanks, property at 1871 Paradise Camp Road, $1; fair cash value, $78,000.

Fred L. and May Blake to William B. Steward, property on Bohon Road, $77,000.


Marriage licenses issued recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Ronnie Compton include:

Angel Lynn Garlough, 28, factory, and Blake Everett Jones, 25, factory, both of Salvisa.

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