Around Town: Yard salers getting early start this year

January 19, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

What are you planning to do this August?

Apparently, a lot of people are planning to take part in the U.S. 127 yard sale.

The Boyle County Convention and Visitors Bureau has already started fielding calls about the event that stretches along U.S. 127 from Ohio to Alabama, which brings it through Mercer, Boyle, Lincoln and Casey counties.

Bureau director Kay Berggren and assistant Carolyn Crabtree didn't expect quite that deluge of interest this early in the year. "We're getting several calls a week," Berggren said.

It also meant work had to be speeded up on a brochure that focuses on Danville as a good central location for stopping. Over the holidays, Berggren said they treated the brochure as a "non-rush" project. Last week, she sent a notice to the company preparing the brochure to move it to the front burner.


Part of the interest may be because HGTV has aired a special about the yard sale several times, Berggren said.

Casey school project gets mention

The Casey County elementary school project received mention in the winter edition of School Construction News, a national publication.

Lucas/Schwering Architects submitted the information, which discussed the decision to go with a traditional school configuration, instead of pods, which is now a popular design.

The article highlighted what teachers and administration wanted the school to offer.

KET focusing on Boyle, Mercer

KET is focusing its spotlight on Boyle and Mercer counties again.

On Jan. 27, the work of Mike Frasca of Harrodsburg will be featured on "Mixed Media, which airs at 8 p.m on KET1.

The first segment of "The Streckers: A Family of Artists" was about Frasca's wife, Zoe Strecker.

Frasca is a potter whose pieces make clay look like it is motion.

The program can also be seen at 6 p.m. Jan. 31 on KET2.

Old Crow Inn on "Kentucky Life"

Old Crow Inn will be featured in Dave Shuffett's "Kentucky Life," which can be seen at 8:30 p.m. Jan. 31 and at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 1 on KET1.

The show will focus on the main house, named in honor of John Crow, who settled there in 1776. The show will look not only at the historic house, but at the bed and breakfast operated there and the winery.

Local tourism office involved with regional group

The local tourism office also is involved with the Bluegrass Regional tourism group.

Tourism director Kay Berggren is currently helping with a brochure that will promote three strengths of the region: Bourbon production, wineries and historic inns.

Berggren said there are now a handful of wineries in the Bluegrass and there is increased interest in visiting those while checking out other Bluegrass sights such as horses and bourbon.

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