Ragged Edge production has Elizabethan theme

January 19, 2004

HARRODSBURG - An Elizabethan theme will flavor Ragged Edge Community Theater's Midwinter Madrigal Feaste, set for Friday and Saturday.

The year is 1495, says director Andrea Daniels, and the script "plays off the musical numbers and members of the cast."

"There are also a pair of nuns who lend themselves to a comedy act," Daniels adds.

The menu for the evening includes roast beef, russet potatoes, salad with dressing and Woodford pudding. Catering is provided by Family Affair of Harrodsburg, she says.

Daniels, who last fall directed "The Thread That Runs So True" at RECT, says directing the madrigals are vastly different from directing straight plays.


"You have to plan a menu, decorations, music, script and find strong enough musicians, who can also add flare and comedy, and that don't mind dressing in tights," Daniels explains.

Madrigals appeal to Daniels because of her love of history.

"I love directing madrigals because you can but yourself back in time to a place where you can only read about in books. We have an opportunity to give the audience a glimpse of what it might have been like, to an extent."

Daniels says she has been challenged by the "variety of musical levels and ages of cast members that I have to teach all the music to."

"Not only is Renaissance music challenging but you also have different languages to teach as well. The cast has worked so hard that we believe you are in for a treat."

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