Another Cooley rolls 300 game

January 19, 2004|MIKE MARSEE

Perfect games seem to run in Zach Cooley's family, so he was just waiting his turn.

Cooley rolled his first 300 game Saturday in the youth league at Bowlarama Lanes.

"I've been aiming at getting a 300 for long time," Cooley said.

It makes him the latest of several members of his family to bowl a 300. His mother, Terri, the manager of the Danville bowling center, had two of them in the final three months of 2003.

"With everybody in my family bowling like they do, it had to be my turn before long," he said. "At least I can say I'm on the same level with them now."

Cooley has been bowling ever since he has been old enough to roll the ball, but he hasn't had much time for practice lately. The Boyle County senior plays football, basketball and baseball, and he said the only bowling he gets in this time of year is in his Saturday league.


"I bowl three games a week pretty much," he said. "During the summer I might practice maybe two or three days a week."

Cooley said he came to the lanes feeling a little down Saturday because his basketball team was on the losing end of a game against Danville the night before.

"I did come a little tired, and I had a little sour taste in my mouth from the night before," he said. "But that made my weekend a little bit better.

"It kind of surprised me, because I didn't get much sleep, but a lot of times I bowl good on just a little sleep."

He had come close to perfection a week earlier, rolling nine straight strikes before leaving the 10 pin standing on the first ball of the 10th frame.

Cooley finished that game with a score of 267, and he said he has reached 279 three or four times previously.

"About midway through the game (Saturday) I realized I had a pretty good chance at doing it," he said. "It didn't bother me, but yet it made me a little more nervous knowing I was getting closer and closer."

He said he couldn't help but notice that he was starting to draw a crowd.

"I noticed when I got up to bowl that nobody else was bowling, and as soon as I'd throw the ball people were hollering," he said. "I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I knew they were back there."

The perfect game came in the second game of Cooley's series, which he finished at 768 (231-300-237).

"My mom said it's the first time she's ever had to fill out a 300 game report form from the youth league," he said.

Like his mother and several other relatives, he'll get a ring commemorating his 300 games within a few months.

"I'm looking forward to getting that," he said.

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