Casey kicks in $6,500 for school officer

January 20, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Casey Fiscal Court agreed Monday to help finance the salary of a certified police officer to patrol the high and middle schools.

Judge-Executive Ronald Wright said the county will share the expense with the school board, city and Casey County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy.

"I think we ought to go with the partnership and hire an officer for a year and see what the results are," said Wright. "I think it will help the school system as well as the city and county."

Wright said a police officer in uniform will make a difference with students. The Board of Education has discussed ways to keep students from disrupting class by fighting and drug trafficking. A trained police officer on the school grounds and an alternative school for problem students are planned at the high school.


"I think this is a good thing," said Magistrate Mike McQueary. "We need to get the drugs out of the schools."

Magistrate Kenny Morgan said if a police officer would "keep one kid off drugs, it would be worth it to hire someone."

The court agreed to pay up to $6,500 as its share of the officer's salary along with the school board, city of Liberty and ASAP.

"If the others don't agree, we won't do it," Wright said. However, he said the project will be a worthwhile cause, and he thinks there will be results from the action.

In another matter, a bid of $4,900 from C&H Bulldozing of Liberty was accepted for clean up of a roadside dump on Cale Brown Road. Five companies bid on the work, and C&H had the lowest price.

World Wide Equipment, which has offices in Lexington and Somerset, submitted the only bid for two dump trucks for the road department. The $78,309 contract for the trucks was approved, and the trucks will be delivered within 45 days. The purchase will be financed by a loan from Casey County Bank.

Other Business

The court also:

* Approved a $2.4 million budget from County Clerk Eva S. Miller and a $368,915 budget presented by Sheriff Jerry Coffman. The sheriff's budget shows a $68,000 increase due to court security officers for the new Casey County Judicial Center. However, the sheriff will be reimbursed by the state Administrative Office of the Courts.

* Decided to advertise for bids for the installation of guardrails on Patsy Riffe, Elmore Hill and Thomas Ridge Spur roads. Wright said the state has supplied the guardrails, and the county has been waiting a year for people with a state contract to install them.

* Heard Wright say the jail funds are down to $45,000 because the state has not reimbursed the $103,000 it owes for the December lodging of state prisoners. He also said 161 inmates, including 41 state prisoners, are currently being housed at the jail.

* Hired Ron Whited, local police chief, to work part-time as a court security officer at the judicial center. He will be paid $7 per hour and work on his days off duty from the city.

* Learned that the lease for Gate Way Park expired Dec. 31, and the judge-executive extended the lease until February. A new lease is being prepared for the park, which is owned by the Catholic church.

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