Arts Center fund-raising efforts clarified

January 20, 2004

Dear Editor:

Recently, the fund-raising efforts of the Community Arts Center have been confused with the fund-raising efforts of the Arts Commission of Danville-Boyle County.

In an attempt to differentiate between the two separate organizations, we at the Community Arts Center want to be clear about our own fund-raising program so that our patrons can make informed decisions about their charitable giving.

Community Arts Center, Inc. is a separate non-profit organization formed for the exact purpose of converting Danville's historic Federal Building into a convenient downtown center for arts education and recreation. Our fund raising is directed exclusively toward acquiring a specific amount of money necessary for renovation.


We are not a membership organization and will never be asking for yearly membership payments.

Because we are grateful to our friends who have given so generously this past year to make the Arts Center a reality, we are not sending any requests to them for additional money. Although we continue to seek new pledges, any further gifts to the Community Arts Center by our established patrons will be given through their own volition.

Those benefactors who have chosen to extend their donations over several years will receive payment reminders from us in June, but not before.

As executive director, my name will be on all funding efforts for Community Arts Center, Inc. along with the names of our Board of Directors: Tom Baeker, Carol Campbell, Shirley Clark, Cynthia Frey, J.T. Goggans, Stephen Powell and Doris Trumbo.

We thank the community for joining us in leaving this legacy for future generations.

Wilma Brown

Executive Director

Community Arts Center, Inc.

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