Drinking more dangerous than smoking

January 21, 2004

Dear Editor:

I want to comment on the smoking issue. It makes me sick to see that those hypocrites can advertise beer on TV. Go in a restaurant and drink two or three beers and then walk out and drive home. But if we smoke, we're endangering people's lives. A man was seen in a Danville restaurant having three beers with his meal, in the presence of a woman and a small child, then walking out and getting into an automobile and driving off. Now how many cigarettes could he have smoked to get drunk enough to kill someone?

And they talk about a 75-cent tax on tobacco. There is a whole lot of my work that I just couldn't do without a cigarette. I like smoking, and if they do cut out tobacco, then I'll just try tree leaves or maybe corn stalks.

And this thing about kids smoking, they don't care how kids die as long as it isn't from smoking.


I don't go into places with "no-smoking" signs. Personally, I don't believe smoking hurts everybody, and I don't care what anybody says, it hasn't been proven that it hurts everybody. I just wonder if it wasn't smoking, what they die from?

If I don't have a right to smoke, I don't have the right to vote. I will never vote again as long as they try to take my smoking rights away.

Concerning the editorial you printed from the Corbin Times-Tribune: Yes, a store or any business should have the right to choose on smoking. But the part about the loaded handgun sounds weird.

If I understand the law, you can holster a gun on your side. You break the law when you remove it from the holster. But a gun is an innocent as a newborn baby. It just lies there and doesn't bother anybody. It's the idiot that pulls the trigger or doesn't lock them up out of the children's reach who is dangerous.

Charles O. Kidd


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