Chandler ads on VA hospital misleading

January 27, 2004

Dear Editor:

As for the last couple of letters that were sent in about the VA hospital on Leestown Road in Lexington, my primary care provider is there. The only services they provide other than a nursing home are one primary care team, drawing blood, and the optometrist. Everything else that you have done, including X-rays, dental, orthopedic, or any other specialist is done at the Cooper Drive facility. In Wilmore, there is the Thomson-Hood nursing home for veterans, which is state-run.

The VA is not stopping service as the Ben Chandler ads on TV would have you believe. They are only consolidating them. I don't know how many times you have had the privilege to drive from the Leestown Road facility to the one on Cooper Drive but it has been a hassle and if they close one down and make it more convenient and split the responsibility between the Cooper Drive and Thomson-Hood facilities to improve the quality of care, then I am all for it.


I have only been on disability for the past two years because of medical problems plus a couple of injuries that I had while I was in the service. I just recently got upgraded to 100 percent from 70 percent service-related. As for medication, as long as your injuries are 50 percent service-connected, your medication is free. Only if you retire and with a connection of less than 50 percent do you have to pay a very small co-pay.

I know that I don't know about all of this, but I do know that I would much rather pay a $7 co-pay for 30 days or less or $21 for a 60- to 91-day prescription, than to have the problems that I have now. Though not life-threatening, my injuries limit my mobility.

I think that veterans deserve the help that we get. I had spent 11 years, 10 months in the Army when I blew my knee out and was made to get out in November 2001. I am not against limiting benefits, but I think that there are ways to improve them and to move forward. Not to use them to try and win a political campaign like Ben Chandler.

In six months when it is all said and done, if he wins and he gets to Congress and is the low man on the totem poll, so to speak, the outcome will still be the same: The Leestown Road facility will no longer be operating as such.

Todd Woodrum


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