Lincoln OKs zoning in tie-breaking vote

January 28, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Lincoln County's new planning and zoning ordinance received a first reading from the Fiscal Court Tuesday night at a public hearing, where it was met with the usual questions, slight concern, but general acceptance.

"It went well. We had several people here, had some questions. It was a tie vote, and Buckwheat broke it," said Rhonda Brown, county building inspector, referring to Judge-Executive Buckwheat Gilbert.

Magistrates Mark Denham and Bill Dyehouse voted in favor, with Earlin Cress and Terry Wilcher voting against, following the consensus of their constituents.

The 2-2 vote between magistrates reflected the opinions of some local communities that have been holding public meetings and information sessions for several months.


At such meetings, strong supporters of P&Z and those determinedly opposed have questioned Gilbert and attorney Daryl Day on the specifics of the ordinance.

Despite some concern in the county, Denham said he thought the public hearing went "excellent. I think it was long overdue, and the people of the county who elected us got what they wanted. They are tired of having junk cars and abandoned buildings around."

Gilbert said he had expected the tie and was glad to be able to break it in favor of P&Z.

"It will keep this county from being exploited by bad developers. It will keep this county in line for the future," said Gilbert.

Final approval of the ordinance is expected in February. After a second reading and final vote, it should go into effect by the first of March, said Brown.

It is a move that should have been done years ago, said Gilbert, to protect the land for the children. "What we did, we did for the people who will inherit (this county) when we're gone."

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