Old Bridge denied Sunday beer sales

January 28, 2004|LIZ MAPLES and GARY MOYERS

Golfers won't be able to drink beer on Sundays at Old Bridge Golf Course if a Boyle Fiscal Court vote taken Tuesday withstands a second reading of the county's alcohol ordinance.

In a 5-1 vote, magistrates decided to restrict alcohol sales to six days a week. Magistrate John Hudson voted for the Sunday sales.

Only beer could be served.

Hudson couldn't immediately be reached for comment today.

Bruce Brown, president of Old Bridge, Inc., and PGA professional at the golf course, said he will try to convince magistrates that Sunday sales are important.

"Sunday is our busiest day of the week," Brown said. "If we're not allowed to sell beer on Sunday, we're very concerned that instead of attracting business to Boyle County we'd be chasing it away to other places."


The alcohol ordinance was just given a first reading. Wilder said there could be quite a bit of lobbying and discussion between now and the second reading, which is expected to happen on Feb. 10.

The golf course management said it would be willing to begin sale hours after church.

Magistrate John Davis voted against Sunday sales because it is the Sabbath.

"Sunday is Sunday, and I think it ought to be observed."

Davis said that he might change is mind, but as it stood he didn't see that it was necessary to sell alcohol on Sunday.

"The city of Danville has not permitted it on Sunday, and I think we ought to follow suit," Davis said.

Brown said that the golf course has been a "solid citizen of Boyle County for 14 years," and that the people there take the responsibility seriously.

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