Owens trial set for March in Rockcastle

January 28, 2004|EMILY BURTON

MOUNT VERNON - Stanford businessman Tommy Owens, under indictment for charges of assaulting a Stanford police officer, appeared in Rockcastle County Circuit Court Tuesday for a hearing. The trial was moved to Rockcastle County in May at the prosecution's request after an impartial jury could not be found in Lincoln County.

Originally scheduled as a trial date, the hearing was one alteration in a string of extensions and reschedulings.

On Tuesday, prosecution and defense attorneys met separately in the chambers of Judge William Cain. After brief discussions, Cain announced in court that he would try the case, despite his semi-retirement.

Cain also agreed to take under advisement several motions that are pending, including a defense motion to suppress a written statement and possible testimony by Owens' wife, Kathy.

Defense attorney Jerry J. Cox also questioned the prosecution's authority of using the juvenile records of Owens' daughter, obtained through the prosecution's follow-up on the police report.


The documents reportedly are testimony as to what she said she saw on the night of the alleged assault.

After sealing the juvenile records against public eye, Cain said he would review them, in addition to the remaining motions, and expected to make a ruling within a few days.

A federal lawsuit against the city was filed by Owens soon after he was indicted. In the multi-million dollar claim, Owens has named nine public officials and police officers and lists each responsible for the abuse of police power allegedly used against him by Stanford police.

Owens is scheduled to appear again in court March 15 for trial.

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