Chandler willing to stand up for veterans

January 30, 2004

Dear Editor:

Todd Woodrum's letter in your paper, not Ben Chandler's ad about the VA hospital on Lexington Road in Lexington, is the one that is misleading. Mr. Woodrum's primary care clinic is at the Leestown Road facility because of the overflow at the Cooper Drive facility. So if Leestown is shut down, perhaps he will be transferred to Louisville or even out of state. Then he will know what a hassle it is to drive two hours or more to get his medical care.

Mr. Woodrum needs to take a pen in hand and a large notepad to the many buildings at the Leestown Road facility. He needs to take a tour and write down all of the medical offices for patients, all of the service offices, the labs and the administrative offices that support the Cooper Drive facility. Then he needs to write your paper again and report that there are many more than four services provided to us veterans at the Leestown Road VA hospital.


Thomson-Hood nursing home in Wilmore is not a medical service provider. Many of the nursing home patients are bused from Wilmore to Leestown and Cooper Drive to receive most of their medical care.

As for medication for those who have to pay a $7 co-pay per 30-day prescription, that is the Republican rate under the Bush administration. The Democrat rate under the Clinton administration was $2 co-pay. So no doubt that was quite a large increase.

And by the way, the Cooper Drive property is owned by the UK Medical Center and leased by the VA. And guess what, it is not a lifetime lease. Some day UK may decide to further expand their hospital into the Cooper Drive building.

I have received my medical care from the VA system since 1980. I am not new to the system like Mr. Woodrum. Every time the system changes from Democrat to Republican control I have seen cuts in the service and quality of care that I receive from the VA system in Lexington.

Unlike his opponent, Ben Chandler is willing to stand up for veterans and fight the Bush administration. Kerr's ads only reflect that she will go along with and support all Bush administration plans.

Bill Robertson


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