Harmon right about putting limits on adoption

February 01, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am writing to defend a friend of mine, State Rep, Mike Harmon. I have known Mr. Harmon for over 20 years. Mr. Tim Culhan's letter Thursday criticizes him for sponsoring a bill barring adoption by homosexuals and transgenders.

I was adopted. I was given up at birth by my natural "parents." I thank God that I was adopted by Christian parents. We didn't have a perfect home, but it was as good as anyone can ask for.

I am thankful that in the mid '60s there were laws restricting adoption to qualified parents. I would rather not have been adopted than to be adopted by one of the people Mr. Culhan wants to see adopt children. What he claims is a good home is based on material things - money, toys, other things that are nice to have. But these things do not make a home. My parents did not have the money Rosie O'Donnell has. But I would not trade what I had for what her and the other "mommy" can give their child.


Mr. Culhan seems to have a problem with Mr. Harmon's conservative stance on abortion. It's funny that some of us feel that government does not have the right to decide what is morally best for a child but should tell women that they can decide which baby dies and which lives. It is called "choice." A choice is what they made when they got pregnant.

I applaud Mike Harmon for wanting to make it harder for just anybody to adopt a child. Maybe some of those children will end up with parents as good as the ones I had.

Mike Harmon had my support before, but he has certainly solidified it now.

Mike Houchin


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