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February 02, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

Jailer Fitzgerald raided a cocaine joint on the creek and arrested a woman who is charged with selling the drug without a license. The woman is said to be a drug addict herself. The people who live on the creek use this drug in place of whiskey and a large quantity is sold.

The night operator of the Cincinnati Southern Railway was killed by someone who fired a pistol through the office window. The robbers rifled the cash drawer and took about $30. The bus agent for Fox and Logan, whose job is to meet the train at 11:25 p.m., arrived and found the body. Dr. Bogle was called, but the man could not be revived. Police Chief Logan Wood telegraphed James Mulligan in Stanford. Mulligan was in that city with his celebrated blood hound. The dog was put on the trail and discovered the cash drawer about 200 yards from the depot near the Danville Ice and Coal Co.'s plant.


The iron grate door at the rear of Farmers Bank was prized open in an attempt to rob the place. Night policeman James Dunn discovered the attempt in making his rounds. The bank has one of the best protected and strongest safes anywhere. An amateur appeared to have done the work.

Dr. John C. Settles, son of E.C. Settles of Danville, is the valedictorian in his class in the Louisville College of Dentistry. There are 90 students in the class.

A meeting of the Committee on Public Safety visited several buildings and made recommendations. Fire escapes are needed at the public schools. Hot air pipes at the schools also need to be covered with asbestos because the building is a great danger of fire. The engine house on Main Street needs to be enlarged and the fire horses kept there. During certain seasons, men should be hired to sleep in the building.

75 years ago - 1929

The Danville Kiwanis Club emphasized good attendance at its meeting. Four members have attended 98 consecutive meetings since the club organized in 1927, meaning they had 100 percent attendance. They are R. Kaufman, Oliver Kays, P.C. Sanders and J. Sterling Towles.

The Danville Aero Club organized with a meeting at the courthouse. About 15 men and boys formed the club. They plan to buy an airplane for the members to use and get a pilot to come two or three days a week to teach them to fly. The club aims to promote interest in aviation. Anyone who is interested may contact Mr. Sales at the Prillaman store or John Tamme at Centre College.

Luther Herron, workhouse keeper, and the prisoners of the workhouse were on the job early to remove snow from in front of Main Street businesses. Alleys also had been made across the streets in the deep snow. Herron always has been hard at work to keep the streets clean.

A tablet in honor of the Rev. James Joseph Lucas, a Presbyterian missionary to India for 59 years, was unveiled in the Sunday school room at the Second Presbyterian Church. The room is near where Lucas stood when he was ordained in 1870.

50 years ago - 1954

The new gym at Maple Avenue will be initiated when the Maple Avenue Parent-Teacher Association holds its meeting there. Mrs. David Highbaugh planned the program. Mrs. Joe G. Davis, president of the organization, will oversee a silver tea. Contributions will go to the National PTA.

A loss estimated between $25,000 and $30,000 was incurred in a fire that broke out in Perryville's Kentucky Food Store at the intersection of Second and Main streets. William Casey, owner of the ABC Motel, also owns the one-story building. It was leased to Nathan Warren. Mayor A.B. Coyle thinks the flames broke out in the basement but the cause is not known.

Robert Logan Hundley's farm was identifed as the mystery farm that had an aerial photo appear in the newspaper. The 700-acre farm is located on Harrodsburg Road. Owned by Hundley and his sister, Nancy Fowler, the farm has been in the family for 40 years. The Shuttleworth family owned it before that. The farm has historic interest because a spring on the property was where the original Daniel Boone settlement was located before the group traveled on to Harrodsburg in 1774. Hundley occupies the mansion on the property with his wife and their three children.

More children will receive dental care because the Danville Kiwanis Club has increased the amount of money it gives for a program offered by the Boyle County Health Department. The Kiwanis have sponsored a dental program for 20 years. The teeth of 2,100 children in the elementary grades were inspected in January. About 1,166 children received a pink card indicating they have a cavity in a permanent tooth. About 400 of these children are financially unable to have the dental work done. The new donation will help employ a dentist to reach more of those children.

25 years ago - 1979

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