'Mind your own business'

February 03, 2004

Dear Editor:

I'm not saying that some parents don't go too far when it comes to spankings, but the majority of us know what is best for our children.

People who call child welfare every time they see a child spanked by their parents do nothing more than cause trouble for those of us who try to raise our children to be productive members of society.

Concerning a letter stating that inmates are not lacking spankings but rather come from abusive settings where spankings were given all the time, in one word - baloney.


I am quite familar with inmates in prison because I worked as a corrections officer for four years. The one thing you can bet on about an inmate in prison is that they lie, and some highly educated idiot always believes them.

I am not saying beat your children. I am not saying don't report child abuse.

I am saying when it comes to me or anybody else spanking our child as a means of discipline, mind your own business and worry about your own life, as I am sure you have plenty of troubles of your own.

Randall S. Russell


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