'Perhaps the darkest times in our country'

February 03, 2004

Dear Editor:

This seems to me to be a particularly dark time in which we live.

It is a dark time for our state when we make cuts in the most basic of our services, education. The cynicism of the new governor to campaign on protection of education and immediately make cuts in the education budget seems pretty blatant even in the current political environment. We threaten our future, our children, our college students to deal with a mess solely due to the inability of our legislature to do the job they were elected to do, produce a balanced budget.

For two years this crisis has been building, requiring more inventive camouflage to close the budget. Meanwhile the legislature spends useless time trying to legislate the definition of life and ignores the elephant of the budget crisis in their midst. It is perhaps the darkest of times in our country. The mortgaging of our state education budget is paltry in comparison to the spend now, pay later mentality of the president and Congress. The Republicans, once the party of fiscal responsibility, are now the big spenders.


In three years, we have seen the biggest reduction of jobs and the biggest increase in the deficit ever seen in our nation. The president, whether cluelessly or cynically, proposes new programs and new tax cuts at every turn confident that he can buy the next election with $200 million in contributions. He trusts in the ignorance or indifference of the electorate in 2004.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the well-connected contributors to the big spenders get defense contracts, and the ballooning deficit will come home to roost on our children and their children.

I wonder many days why I care. I could focus on my job, my family, and my own life. I could ignore the rest, stop reading the newspaper and listening to the news.

But I know that I cannot do this. For I believe that each of us must care for each other, especially for the children, the poor, the defenseless who have no voice in our culture.

Dan Nolet


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