Kerr understands Kentucky families

February 06, 2004

Dear Editor:

Alice Forgy Kerr truly understands the primary needs of Kentucky's families and Kentucky's future. Four key areas of emphasis to those she hopes to serve are:

* Low taxes - Keeping money in the pockets of workers rather than putting it into government spending programs. She is against wasteful government programs.

* Quality education - Accountability of educators at all levels helps ensure productive, qualified workers. She wants positive results and students who know how to apply what they have learned. She also wants student awareness of new technologies.


* Jobs - Low taxes and quality applicants provide incentives to attract industry and business.

* Senior health care - Prescription drugs are considered an essential part of Medicare. She's opposed to cuts in Medicare and raising the retirement age.

Alice Forgy Kerr has firsthand experience. She's married and has two children. She's been a school teacher. And she's been a state legislator. She's a member of the state Senate appropriations and education committees. She's shown that she cares and is willing to work for all of us.

Bob Browne


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