6th District needs strong representation

February 06, 2004

Dear Editor:

The 6th District of Kentucky needs representation in Washington like perhaps no other time in history.

The cost of drugs and all other health-care provisions continue to spiral upward. Out of control it seems. Seniors as well as other age groups are being gouged at the grocery stores, the gasoline pump and, of course, the costs of simply staying warm on a winter's night.

It would seem that we are being deprived of those agreements made so many years ago to provide the safety needed on designated highways, such as U.S. 68 and U.S. 27. Both of these roads are increasingly traveled by people going to and from work. Some sections of these roads are death traps that are tree-lined without adequate shoulders. For more than 50 years, I have heard they are in the "five-year plan." In the meantime, people continue to be mangled, and insurance rates are ever on the rise.


We need planning for a rapid transit system to provide transportation from small cities and towns to the hub centers where jobs are more available. Buses and even trains are not out of the question.

I believe that Ben Chandler is the man we need to send to Washington as our representative. He is not a magician, of course, but he is honest, he works hard, he is diplomatic but strong. He is a family man who carries the proud name of one of Kentucky's truly great families.

Let's change for good. Let's support Ben Chandler.

Chester F. Powell


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