Fletcher has struck out with future teacher

February 08, 2004

Dear Editor:

I worked at a camp for gifted and talented students at Western Kentucky University over the past summer. Fletcher impressed me because he agreed to speak to the camp about the future of gifted/talented education while Chandler declined the invitation. During Fletcher's speech he addressed all of the hot topics that would impress the educational gurus in the room but failed to back up the issues with any answers. He swung so hard that some people were blinded with the sheer force, but it's still strike one.

Fletcher initiated a slander-based campaign. I think we all remember the TV ads. Strike two.

My faith was restored when I read in the newspaper that he promised to increase the reading level of children and raise the salaries of teachers. This is when I went to his Web site. "We must get more resources to the classroom so our children can have the instructional material that they need and our teachers can earn the living they deserve. Raising teacher's salaries to the regional average will be a priority under a Fletcher/Pence administration."


I think Dr. Fletcher has the definitions for prescription and diagnosis mixed up. A prescription in the form he is using should pose possible opportunities to raise money, but this one offers none. Although his plan to increase the reading levels of young children did include sources by means of federal funds, Fletcher failed to mention that those sources he cites come from a couple of years ago; and Bush, who visited Kentucky twice during the campaign, drastically cut those funds in his attempts to counterbalance the war budget. Strike three.

Fletcher already has struck out with this future educator, but it is his budget proposal that led to the drafting of this letter. Quality will only continue to flounder with the devastating loss of funding, such as your proposal to cut benefits, continued training, and national certification bonuses for teachers.

Speaking out of one side of your mouth with the vim and vigor of a man hell-bent on increasing the quality of education in his state while using the other side of your mouth to damn the same educators and children to less funding and less resources will only raise ire amongst the ranks of not only educators, but the educated as well. I will not ever teach in a state where I cannot support myself, let alone my fiance and future family.

Jason Mott


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