Make Hustonville a 'smoke-free' town

February 09, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about smoking and the health problems it causes. I think smoking in offices and in public places needs to be stopped because the smoke pollutes the air. I know that Hustonville is a small community, but I feel that great things can happen in our small town.

By stopping smoking in public places such as city hall, Shell Mart, the banks, and Don's BP, it could make the air cleaner and healthier for people to breathe. When people breathe polluted air, it affects the nose and lungs, and it can even cause lung cancer.

When the city council meets, I would appreciate it if they would encourage making an ordinance to have smoke-free, public businesses. I don't like the smoke odor on my clothing because when I leave a store or restaurant, the odor goes home with me.


Another thing I wish the council would discuss is the price of cigarettes. If the price were raised, I feel it would make it more difficult for teenagers and under-age smokers to be able to have money for someone to buy the cigarettes for them. I would appreciate it if the council would talk and/or write a letter to the Tobacco Road stores and encourage them to raise the prices of cigarettes so teenagers and under-age smokers would have to pay more for them. Hopefully, this would discourage smoking because of the high prices of cigarettes.

In conclusion, I hope the mayor and the city council can make our small town a "smoke-free" town. The damage caused by smoking costs the people of the United States billions of dollars each year. This includes money spent on health care and care on buildings to get out the smoke odor. Cigarette smoke causes damage to people and the environment that cannot be changed. I hope you can make a difference!

Kaelan Benedict

Fourth-grade student

Hustonville Elementary School

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