Sanders wins Popeyes Beat the Experts Contest

February 09, 2004

Danville's Woody Sanders not only got nine games right, but he also barely missed being perfect on the tiebreaker score of Kentucky's win over South Carolina. That's why he edged Lancaster's Julie Fields, who also had nine right, to win last week's Popeyes Beat the Experts Basketball Contest.

Sanders wins a 12-piece chicken dinner from Popeyes and is now eligible for the season-ending grand prize contest.

Sports editor Larry Vaught and guest expert Curtis Holmes both had six games right, but Vaught led the experts panel because he was closest on the tiebreaker score.

Those who beat the best expert to win a 2-piece chicken dinner from Popeyes were as follows:

Nine - Julie Fields, Lancaster.

Eight - Dana Reising, Danville; Garland Frederick, Danville; Timothy Conley, Harrodsburg; Jimmy Glasscock, Perryville; Danny Strevels, Stanford; Dennis Coslow, Harrodsburg; and Diana Ray, Lancaster.

Seven - John Dinwiddie, Danville; Larry Brammer, Danville; Cindi Frederick, Danville; Kayleigh Frederick, Danville; Roy Milburn, Danville; Donna Hair, Stanford; Dwight Vonlinger, Perryville; D.E. Cooper, Parksville; Lauren Newman, Danville; Felix Keene, Perryville; Cathy Coslow, Harrodsburg; Scott Coleman, Lancaster; Ed Walls, Danville; Bobby Hinkle, Danville; Kenny Floyd, Stanford; and Bill Zagar, Danville.


Six - Todd Bryant, Danville; Jeff Sawyer, Stanford; Eloise Seltsam, Danville; Margaret Stevens, Perryville; Richard Rowe, Stanford; and Will McCormack, Stanford.

Entry blank for this week's contest is on Page B2 of today's The Advocate-Messenger.

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