Has felt impact of education funding cuts

February 10, 2004

Dear Editor:

"What about a little patience, cost control at state universities?" That was the editorial I choked down in Sunday's paper. What about a newspaper editor who takes the opposite view of the majority just to promote the sales and sensationalism of their publication.

What about the small amount of funding given to post-secondary programs to efficiently teach students?

You, as an editor, take pot shots into the dark, many times on subjects you know nothing about. I don't know how to run a paper, but I do know about the minimal budgets granted to post-secondary institutions. How do I know? I proudly teach in one of them and am expected by my administration and my students to deliver the best instruction and training I can provide.

However, I also know from this firsthand experience that a $3,000 part for a single machine and the skilled labor costs it takes to install that part crippled my meager budget last year. Who paid? My students paid. They paid by not having that amount of budget to supply training materials to them so they could further their education. Therefore, these same students had a piece of equipment to train on, but no materials to train with. This is only one instance of many throughout post-secondary education that can be documented each school year.


Patience is what you ask for? Well all I ask is for an honest governnor who doesn't speak out for the needs of education while wanting votes and then stab students in the back after being elected. Just as in the words of the editor of this publication, it is just $100 or more to place on the backs of the student.

In closing, I would like to bring one final point to the editor and to the readers. Nowhere have you heard an outcry about teacher salaries. You haven't because we are there for the students first, and what is there for us is secondary. Just ask any educator at any level.

Steve Hamblin


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