Ragged Edge comedy focuses on widows facing the future

February 15, 2004|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

HARRODSBURG - Catherine Gilvin believes a lot of people focus on yesterday and tomorrow rather than seizing the day. That's part of why the director likes the atmosphere of "The Cemetery Club," which goes up Friday.

"There are so many of us that live life looking behind and so many of us reaching for tomorrow that very few of us stop to concentrate on what is happening today," says Gilvin. "This play takes a comical slant and really makes the audience think about that without even realizing it."

"The Cemetery Club," by Ivan Menchell, is about three Jewish women - Ida, Lucille and Doris (Robin Dickerson, Pam Wheeler and Pat Perkins) - who have all lost their husbands and how they each deal with these changes of life differently. One is devoted to the memory of her husband; one will always remember the man from the past, but hopes to find someone with whom she can share the future; and one finds the cemetery the perfect locale for spotting "newly eligible" bachelors, Gilvin notes.


Rounding out the cast is Pat Duffy Rockas as Mildred and David Ross as Sam. The play is set in modern-day Queens, N.Y., with scenes fluctuating between Ida's apartment and a cemetery in Forest Hills, Queens, Gilvin adds.

She says working on a comedy is its own challenge.

"Comedy's are almost always a little more challenging simply because of timing," Gilvin explains. "Making an audience feel and cry can be enhanced with music and lighting. With comedy, the timing is either there or it's not. You have to have performers that click, good writing for them to deliver and a great deal of practice, practice, practice."

The time "The Cemetery Club's" cast has put in for practice makes the show worth seeing.

"If you like to be entertained, to laugh, to cry - OK, to laugh. If you just want to have a great time with your friends, Oy! you can't miss this."

And she plans on taking a break after "The Cemetery Club" opens.

"I'm focusing a lot of time on my kids' endeavors right now," Gilvin notes. "Aside from sports, Scouts, and general socializing, my son, Joseph, is studying piano and my daughter, Cassie, is studying at Studio G and doing shows there. And my husband is undertaking a musical reunion with his former band, Sideshow - to be renamed at a later date.

"Although I wouldn't mind getting back on stage again, I don't mind giving up the spotlight to them for a bit."

If you want to go

"The Cemetery Club" starts at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Feb. 27 and 28 and at 3 p.m. Feb. 29 at Ragged Edge Community Theater in Harrodsburg. For tickets, call (859) 734-2389

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