Likes Kerr's stands on important issues

February 15, 2004

Dear Editor:

Many of us in Boyle County will be going to the polls Tuesday to decide who will represent us in Washington. This is a very important election even though it is February, not November. This special election is not a primary. The successful candidate on Tuesday will represent us in Washington, D.C.

After learning where our candidates stand in areas that are especially important to me and my family, I will definitely vote for Alice Forgy Kerr!

She has said her top priorities in Frankfort will be her top priorities in Washington: improving education, health care and the economy in central Kentucky. She has renewed her pledge to work in Congress to expand economic and job opportunities for central Kentucky families. As a member of the U.S. Congress, she will be committed to making Kentucky strong. Her efforts will be felt right here in Boyle County as she votes to make President Bush's tax cuts permanent and fights against increasing taxes on our families.


She will be looking out for young families as well as seniors as she works to make health insurance coverage more accessible to everyone. She has pledged to support the National Institutes of Health's efforts to identify and eliminate the causes of health disparities that affect African Americans.

Another area of concern for her, as well as for many of us in Boyle County, is Social Security. She has declared her commitment to protecting Social Security so current and future retirees can get the benefits they have earned over the years.

We have a choice at the polls and to me the best choice is obvious: Alice Forgy Kerr!

David V. Berka


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