Libertarian candidate defends his party

February 16, 2004

Dear Editor:

I must challenge the recent letter from J.T. Underwood disparaging the Libertarian Party and perhaps my candidacy for Congress. I sympathize with his frustrations with the Chandler/Kerr no-show at KET last Monday. But labeling support of my party or my candidacy as crazy, without substantive argument, borders on libel.

If Underwood simply cannot perceive of an open electoral system with more than two viable choices, then I am quite happy to welcome another electoral no-show.

There is an ugly inference that there is something unsound or worse in support for Libertarians. But the argument is not backed up with particulars.


How can I defend myself and my party without knowing the gripe?

Bipartisans often use tactics like this and debate no-shows to prevent a truly open forum. Sometimes the media supports this closed system, like when Bill Bryant was manipulated into barring me from the Chandler-Kerr face-off Jan. 31.

I would be happy to debate Underwood in a Libertarian versus republicrat setting to argue both the viability of libertarian principles in politics and the failure of bipartisan control and rigged, closed elections.

Mark Gailey

Libertarian candidate

6th congressional district

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