Join in fighting discrimination against gays

February 16, 2004

Dear Editor:

I congratulate Centre College on the superb presentation Thursday night by Beth Robinson, the Vermont lawyer who was closely involved in the fight for gay and lesbian marriage in Vermont. I also thank Herb Brock for his excellent coverage of the event.

As a student in one of my classes said Friday, no matter what one believes the Bible tells us about homosexuality (and there's much debate about exactly what it says) and no matter what one personally feels about sexual orientation, fairness and community harmony dictate that no matter their sexual orientation, everyone should have access to the benefits and responsibilities of marriage and to validation of their families.

The truest Christians I know, and loving people of other faiths, realize the importance of equal rights for everyone and of respect and acceptance of human diversity. They also see that the 1960s argument that legalizing interracial marriage would lead to the destruction of the institution of marriage in America is laughable now, and that it is just as absurd to claim today that allowing loving, productive gay and lesbian couples to marry will destroy heterosexual marriage and families.


Dozens of studies also show that children of gay families are at least as well-adjusted, loved, and happy as children of heterosexual parents and that they tend to be more open-minded about interpersonal differences, be they racial, religious, political, etc. In addition, children raised in gay families are no more likely to be gay than are other children. Nearly all gays and lesbians were raised by heterosexuals. Given the stereotypes about gay people and the struggles they face, which of our parents would have taught us to be gay?

As a mother myself, and having known many other gay and lesbian parents, I can state on good authority that what we try to do for our children is the same as what heterosexual parents do. We teach them to be respectful, loving, and giving, to meet their potential intellectually and spiritually, and to look deep inside themselves to discover their true nature.

I hope that members of the local community will see the virtue of these arguments and will help in the fight against current efforts to write discrimination into Kentucky's laws.

Mykol Hamilton


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