Ben Chandler responds to Advocate's endorsement of Kerr

February 16, 2004|BEN CHANDLER

Editor's note - The following is a response to The Advocate's endorsement Sunday of Alice Forgy Kerr in the 6th District congressional race.

Tuesday's election comes at a very important time for central Kentucky families. The cost of health-care is out of control. Unfair trade policies are sending good-paying jobs overseas. Corporations like Enron are ripping off middle-class investors. And the promises we made to our courageous veterans are not being kept.

More than ever, Kentucky families need someone in Congress who's on their side, someone who shares their values, and has the experience and independence to get the job done. As a father of three young children, I want our families to have a representative who'll fight to protect them and make sure they get a good education.

That's why I'm running for Congress. No matter the issue or who's in charge in Washington, you can count on me to stand up for what's right for Central Kentucky. I'm about getting the job done, whether it means standing up to the special interests or working across party lines.


As attorney general and state auditor, I cracked down on criminals that abused our kids, removed corrupt politicians from office, and helped Kentuckians hang up the phone on telemarketers for good. I took on the big drug and insurance companies that were cheating our families and seniors - and won.

As your congressman, I'll do it again. To make health care more affordable, I'll work to allow the re-importation of safe, low-cost prescription drugs.

I'll fight to honor our commitment to special education, to provide 40 percent of funding for special education at fine institutions like the Kentucky School for the Deaf.

I'll stand with our veterans to oppose the Washington bureaucrats who want to close Lexington's VA Hospital on Leestown Road.

And I'll fight to deliver the tobacco buyout our farmers have been promised for years.

In Congress, I'll continue working to protect Kentucky families, doing my very best to make our Bluegrass the beautiful place where our children want to stay and call home for a lifetime. I would be honored to serve you in Congress. I ask for your vote on February 17.

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