Watchdog group has questions about Danville's participation in water pipeline

February 18, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

A local citizens watchdog group has questions about the city's agreement to participate in a drinking water grid that would connect the region by pipeline and discussed the election forum it will hold with Hometown Radio.

Danville-Boyle County Citizens for Good Government agreed at its meeting Tuesday to submit those questions to Danville City Commission in writing.

Danville has agreed to participate in the second round of negotiations with the regional group, Bluegrass Water Commission. The agreement it signed in non-binding, meaning that it could later back out.

The purpose of the agreement is to allow Bluegrass Water Commission to make more accurate estimates about how much a grid and a new water plant would cost.


The plant would be built north of Frankfort near Kentucky River's Pool 3 and a pipeline would be built from the plant to the Ohio River to insure an uninterrupted supply of water, according to the Bluegrass Area Development District, which has advised the water commission.

The citizens group, DCGG, said it didn't understand why Danville would want to buy water when it is in the business of selling treated water from Herrington Lake.

City Commissioners said, when they signed the agreement, that they are interested in selling, not buying, water on the grid but that they felt to keep talks going they had to sign the agreement.

The water commission has said it would a consider an offer from Danville to sell water.

The city hasn't made an offer yet, it is still in negotiations with Kentucky Utilities, the electric company that also uses water from Herrington Lake.

Members of DCGG decided to write down all of their questions and ask them of the commissioners.

Also, the group discussed its election forum with a local radio station.

Before the primary the DCGG will submit a list of questions to all of the candidates running for office. The answers will be shared with the radio station and the newspaper, and be posted on the group's Web site,

DCGG Member Ron Jackson said that the questions would be kept private from members of DCGG, who are candidates. Members Gordon Howe, Kevin Caudill and former Mayor Alex Stevens have entered the race.

After the primary the DCGG will host a radio forum with the candidates.

Stevens said that because of the community's interest in the race there would likely be four or five community forums.

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