Lincoln County football coach got shafted

February 18, 2004

Dear Editor:

Before I decided to write this, I thought I would take a few months to see what would happen. Since the months have passed, I have come to a decision: It is clear that the people that do the hiring and firing don't have a really good clue about sports in Lincoln County.

I think coach Robbie Lucas got shafted. First, I wouldn't judge a coach until his freshmen become seniors. Second, I think coach Lucas did a real good job representing the county.

I believe it was back in November, maybe December, that (athletic director) Don Story said he was going to make the head football coach's pay match Danville and Boyle County's pay. Guess what? He is several thousand dollars short of what their pay is. That is something to think about. By the way, why is it that almost as soon as coach Lucas was asked to leave Lincoln football the pay went up?


Also, coach Lucas had been asking for new weights ever since he had been there. Now I hear as soon as coach Lucas left, they got them.

I would like to add, what kind of head coach is going to come in with his assistant coaches already picked out for him? Any good coach that I've known of has picked them themselves.

In closing, coach Lucas, do not drop your head because there a lot of us that support you. I hope if you get on with someone that you go against Lincoln and win every time. Good luck in your future as coach Robbie Lucas.

Brian McGuffey


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