Same-sex marriage against God's word

February 18, 2004

Dear Editor:

During the past weeks, several letters and articles have been written regarding the issue of same-sex marriage. Most have touted the benefits of gay marriage and urged the public toward tolerance, if not support of these relationships. Those who oppose this expansion of marriage are typically painted with the same broad brush. We are bigoted, hate-filled, homophobic, intolerant, and narrow-minded. How can any person of reason or compassion deny the gift of marriage to people who love each other, they ask?

Mykol Hamilton's comment in her Feb. 16 letter was typical, "The truest Christians I know, and loving people of other faiths, realize the importance of equal rights for everyone and of respect and acceptance of human diversity." The implication of her statement is clear - any person who opposes gay marriage is less than a true Christian or follower of their faith. Those who struggle to understand why people like me can't accept homosexuality (notice I did say homosexuality, not homosexuals themselves) or same-sex marriage fail to comprehend what is at stake for us.


For me, the issue of same-sex marriage does not center on my view of homosexuality, but on my view of God and his word. I believe marriage to be an institution established by God, not an invention of man. For me, the institution of marriage is grounded in the Genesis account where God states that a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh (Gen 2:24). These words form the foundation that my understanding of marriage and family is built upon.

My view of God is also grounded in His sovereignty. Therefore, when God defines marriage as a man and woman being joined together, I have no choice but to accept it no matter how compassionate or fair it might seem to expand that definition. If marriage were a man-made institution, I would have no opposition to same-sex marriage, polygamy, or any other way man would choose to define it. However, my view of God's sovereignty does not allow me the freedom to alter His word. If I do take the liberty to alter His word, God ceases to be God. So, understand that when you ask me to accept same-sex marriage you are necessarily asking me to reject God and his sovereignty.

Now I understand that many may disagree with my high view of scripture, my understanding of God, and my theology of marriage. My purpose in this editorial is not to convince you to see God as I do, but to give you an understanding of why people like me cannot support efforts to change the definition of marriage. Our opposition to gay marriage does not arise from a bigoted, homophobic hatred of homosexuals. Our opposition arises from our belief that God is sovereign and that we must conform our lives to His ways, not mold His ways to fit our desires.

As I see it, the bigger question behind the issue we are confronted with is not whether we should allow gays to marry, but should we allow God to be God.

Mike Crowe


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