Zone change okayed for Davises to develop housing

February 19, 2004|Liz Maples

Jim and Nancy Davis were granted a zone change Wednesday that will allow them to build patio homes on a portion of their 300-acre development on the west side of the bypass.

But Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning stalled development on another section of the Davises property, located behind the Stuart Powell automobile dealership.

The Davises planned to develop that section as mixed retail.

The commission was confused about where the streets on the property would be built, specifically a major road that would connect Perryville and Lebanon roads. Commissioners said the Davises and the city needed to make a decision about that road before development could begin because it would affect traffic plans for the area, the development and surrounding landowner's property.

The new road would start across from Bluegrass Pike and wind through the Davises property to Lebanon Road with an outlet to the bypass.


At issue is whether the Davises' plans mesh with the city's road map that was done in 1993.

P&Z Commissioners said they didn't want to approve development in that area until they knew where the major road would be built and how wide Davco Drive would need to be to handle traffic.

The commission tabled the discussion and will take it back up at their March 3 meeting. Several members said they wanted the city and the Davises to make a decision about the new road.

In the meantime, Danville City Commission will have to decide whether to uphold P&Z's decision on the zone change.

P&Z approved the change for 58 acres with four conditions.

It went from AR-1 that allows one-acre houses to be built to R-1 that will allow the Davises to build patio homes on smaller lots.

The conditions were:

n A traffic study of the entire development site be conducted.

n The development complies with the future road map.

n The Davis extend sewerage to the Stone Land farm, in the back of the development, for future development.

n Mike and Beth Perros, adjoining property owners, be given an entrance to their land from the Davis property.

Nancy Davis said they hoped to begin work by March 1.

An average of two homes would be built on each acre for a total of 122 lots.

The patio homes would be geared towards retirees and priced between $120,000-$200,000.

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