Student designs new flag for Boyle County High

February 20, 2004|Gary Moyers

Brian Conley, computer graphics instructor and soccer coach, was looking for way to generate school spirit - and get his class pumped up about assignments.

Student Eric Carey just liked to create artwork on his computer.

Carey's design for a new Boyle County High School flag was chosen by his fellow students as the best overall in a contest held last year, and the end result of his work was presented to the school this week.

Gina Webb, a seamstress who has sewn numerous flags for display at the Perryville Battlefield, finished the first incarnation of what Conley hopes will be an ubiquitous symbol of school spirit.

"Our ultimate goal was to instill some school pride," said Conley. "We want to get a symbol we can wave at games, to rally behind. The athletic teams here have a strong tradition, and anything we can do to get the students behind the teams is good."


Conley said he's taught for three years at BCHS, and he has plans for the new design.

"We want to have two big ones to hang at athletic contests, and we're planning to silkscreen the design to use on towels for fans to wave, like they do at Pittsburgh Steelers' games," he said.

Conley said the idea for the flag came from his computer graphics classes.

"Actually, it was a class project," said Conley. "I ran the idea by Mr. (Kerry) Anness, our principal, and Dr. (Pam) Rogers, our superintendent, and they were all for it, so I made it a class competition. Students could enter as many times as they wanted, and then we voted for the one we liked best. Eric actually entered three designs, and we chose this one."

Carey, a senior, said the classwork that led to the winning design was enjoyable.

"I did it while I took computer graphics II, one of my favorite classes here," said Carey. "I did the designs on a computer using Corel Draw (a software program), and it didn't seem like work to me. It was fun, really. It's a fun class, one of the better ones I've had here."

Carey said he drew his inspiration for the winning design by incorporating elements from previous school symbols.

"The design just kind of developed," said Carey. "It took me a few days. I took some ideas from some of the old school flags, the horse mascot in the gym, things like that, and they just kind of came together."

Carey said as much fun as he has with computer graphic design, he's not sure if his talent will lead to a career.

"I don't know if that's what I want to do for a career, but I really do enjoy it," he said. "But I'm sure whatever I end up doing, I'll still do things on a computer."|

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