Father, daughter team up to help clients meet their financial goals

February 22, 2004|JOHN T. DAVIS

Already in a new location in the E.B. Russell House on Danville's West Main Street, Flem Messer and Valerie Messer McMann also have put a new name on the financial services business Messer started 30 years ago in Corbin.

Messer Associates Inc.'s new moniker, Messer McMann Investments, not only more accurately describes the nature of the business, which Messer says is focused "more and more in the investment arena," but he said it also more accurately describes the growing role of the daughter half of the father-daughter business.

"We have an agreement that if something happens to me, Valerie will continue," Messer said. "She has taken all the tests to be manager, does all of the computer analysis ..."

McMann joined the business as a partner five years ago after living in California and other western states where she called on banks for Deluxe Corp., a check-printing company.


She was no stranger to the investment business. She had worked in her father's office as a teenager growing up in Corbin and had always had an interest in finance.

"When I was asked in middle school what I wanted to do, I said I wanted to be a banker," McMann said. "When they asked me why, I said I wanted to work with money."

When she and her husband, Chris, now a teacher at Woodlawn Elementary School, had their first child and were looking to "settle down," the decision was made to return to Kentucky. "I had to be away for a while to appreciate it," McMann said.

At Messer Investments, McMann uses computer software to analyze clients' financial needs.

"We take a look at a person's total financial situation, what their goals are - education, retirement, saving for a house, a boat - what assets they have, including their assets at work, and we make sure those assets are working together," McMann said. "We use computer software to determine whether you're on track to meet your goals. If you're not, we determine what can be done to help."

"We do a more comprehensive analysis of people's total financial needs than I have seen anyone in the area doing," Messer said. "The software will take in whatever the client is interested in and do an objective analysis."

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