Garrard insurance tax a burden on families

February 22, 2004

Dear Editor:

The is letter is addressed to Garrad County Judge-Executive E.J. Hasty and the county magistrates.

Can you help me pay my homeowners and automobile insurance?

As you know, insurance premiums have risen dramatically since the tragic Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Some reports tell us that homeowner insurance has risen an average of 13 percent in the past two years alone as insurance companies try to recoup some of the huge amounts of money they had to pay out after Sept. 11.

I can barely afford to keep my modest home in Lancaster and the vehicles my husband and I use to get to work covered by insurance. Furthermore, I have a 16-year-old child who is looking forward to driving soon.

I realize the county has a huge debt to pay on the hospital, and I will be forced to do my part to help pay it, but do you realize what you are asking the families of our county to sacrifice? Insurance accounts for a huge portion of my already strained-to-the-limit budget. I don't know how I can handle a hike in my payment because of this tax. I've already shopped around and done everything I know to do to save on my insurance.


The bottom line is, insurance is not cheap and the law says we must have it to drive our cars in Kentucky. So, I can see why you believe you've found a solution to your hospital debt problem, but all you've really done is shift the problem to someone else, me! You've trapped those of us who own homes in the county, and obey the law by insuring our cars, into paying a debt we did not ask for and cannot afford.

So again, I ask, can you help me, and all the others in this county who work hard to make ends meet? Can you help me stretch my budget even more to cover your debt?

Look around at the good folks you are hurting and try to remember that they voted for you and trusted you to make good decisions on their behalf.

Jennifer Lynne Johnson


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