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February 23, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

The annual gym exhibition at Centre College will be one of the best ever. Powell, Rodes, Hudson and Frierson will do some things that compare favorably with the work of professionals. William Anderson and Henry Webster will be on the floor and Green, weighing 190 pounds, will stand flatfooted and turn a somsault in the air. The college orchestra will furnish the music.

A meeting is being held at the courthouse to discuss Danville's need for a post office building. Hundreds of other towns that are no larger than Danville have government post office and revenue buildings. Mr. McCreary, Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Yerkes will aid in the movement. The post office receipts from Danville are larger than from any other post office in the 8th Congressional District. A government building costing $50,000 could be built and save considerable money on rents now being paid.


Patriotic songs were sung and a general good time was had at the meeting of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The chapter recently accepted three new members from Harrodsburg - Mrs. Ed Rosser, Stevia Cardwell and Mrs. W.J. Poteet. Mrs. W.C. Roberts, the newly elected regent, presided over the meeting.

George H. Bruce is gaining a reputation with his pen as an artist. His latest is that of Queen Louise, which will be seen in the show window of John S. Wells. It is more of a fad now to have a Bruce picture than a Gibson or a Christie.

75 years ago - 1929

The Danville Ice and Coal Co. has joined in the nationwide campaign to "Save with Ice." The campaign is for people to use acceptable refrigerators and the Danville Ice and Coal Co. has a local hookup with the Bryant Hardware Co., the Chesnut-Salter Hardware Co. and Baugh and Garner Furniture Co., all of which carry refrigerators. "No subject commands more interest today than refrigeration," says Danville Ice and Coal Co. "It is talked in trains, in street cars, on sidewalks, wherever men and women congregate."

Haseldon Brothers of Lancaster will sell the Whippet automobile and from its new location on Main Street also will handle the Hudson, the Essex and the Willys-Knight cars. The Whippet is one of the best cars in the low-priced field and is recognized as one of the most economical cars being sold today. The company has installed a complete service department with Bris Conn, one of the best mechanics in the state, in charge.

Boyle County Post No. 46 of the American Legion and the Legion's Auxiliary held their annual Washington's Birthday dinner and dance at the Gilcher Hotel Coffee Shoppe. More than 100 guest responded. H.G. Poetter headed a team that secured 18 new members in the last 10 days and Thompson Crooks' team attracted 43. The local post now has a membership of 131. Carroll Mannini personally recruited 21 new members. The Sunshine Male Quartet furnished the music. Members are C.M. Whiddon, Ernest Cook, C.D. Durham and C.W. Dixon.

A pack of wild dogs attacked a large flock of sheep on a Lincoln County farm and killed 10 outright. Joseph E. Robinson, the owner of the flock, said another 15 were wounded. He estimated damages at $500. One of the raiders was tracked through the snow to its home and killed. Robinson had been one of the largest sheep raisers in Garrard County and was a leading promoter of the county's Sheep Protective Association. This raid combined with others in Lincoln County has aroused the interest of sheep raisers there to form a similar agency.

50 years ago - 1954

Two more local break-ins and thefts at Jennie Rogers and Maple Avenue elementary schools occurred. A group of teen-agers, who definitely were hungry, are suspected. Cheese, milk and other food were eaten in the cafeteria at Maple Avenue. Two typewriters also were missing at this school. A larger haul was made at Jennie Rogers were $80, mostly in small coins, was taken as was a tape recorder and movie projector.

Members of the Danville High School Key Club and senior class will ride - or try to ride - donkeys in the donkey basketball game, announced Key Club President Freddie Pierce. Rider-players for the senior team will be Tommy Kries, Bobby Teater, Marty Warren, Crit Barnes, Bobby Don Hancock, Ducky Lane and Jackie Carey. The Key Club's team will be David Lollis, Kenneth Shackelford, Chappy Bean, Mack Jackson, Virgil Lanham, John Newlin and Sammy Reid.

Fourteen students at Danville High School have signed up for "Tomorrow's Travelers" contest, which promotes safe driving. Miss Fleece Robinson, a member of the faculty, and Kenneth Snowden, driver training instructor, are serving as co-chairmen of the project. Contestants must take a written test on knowledge essential to safe and skillful driving. The next step is to demonstrate this knowledge by driving cars in the competition. All county champions compete at the state fair.

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