Shaw wins Popeyes Contest

February 23, 2004

Lancaster's Earl Shaw and Harrodsburg's Michael Bottom both got all 10 games right in last week's Popeyes Beat the Experts Contest, but Shaw was the overall winner because he picked a slightly lower tiebreaker score of Cincinnati's win over Louisville.

Shaw wins a 12-piece chicken dinner from Popeyes and is also now eligible for the season-ending grand prize contest.

Staff writer Mike Marsee led The Advocate-Messenger panel of experts with eight correct choices. Those who beat the best expert in addition to Bottom to win a 2-piece chicken dinner from Popeyes were as follows:

Nine right - Stevie Simpson, Harrodsburg; John Dinwiddie, Danville; Marguerite Phillips, Danville; John Jurgensen, Danville; Brian Sawyer, Stanford; Jeremy Potts, Danville; Zach Coyle, Gravel Switch; Jeffery Broaddus, Lancaster; and Diana Ray, Lancaster.

Eight - Don Garland, Danville; Judy Glasscock, Perryville; Danny Strevels, Stanford; Lauren Newman, Danville; Ralph Vandyke, Lancaster; Cecelia Vandyke, Lexington; Margaret Vandyke, Lancaster; Bob Hair, Stanford; Margo Milburn, Danville; Larry Brammer, Danville; Hunter Glasscock, Perryville; Norman Bartleson, Danville; Helen Broaddus, Lancaster; Al Atmore, Danville; Brenda Hinkle, Danville; Joseph Lyons, Danville; and Ken Randolph, Danville.


Entry blank for this week's contest is on Page B2 of today's The Advocate-Messenger. This is the next to last contest of the season.

Reno's Sweet Sixteen Contest

This is also the last week to enter the Reno's Sweet Sixteen Contest and win two tickets to the Boys State Basketball Tournament in Rupp Arena.

Contestants need to pick the winner of the 16 regional tournaments. The Durden Ratings in each Wednesday's The Advocate-Messenger list the top-ranked teams in each region.

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