Danville cuts 10 teaching positions, including one held by Kentucky Teacher of the Year

February 24, 2004|HERB BROCK

It was, according to Superintendent Bob Rowland, "deja vu time" for the Danville Board of Education Monday night as it trimmed 10 faculty positions for next school year - including a position now held by the Kentucky Department of Education's 2004 Teacher of the Year.

A year ago, the board cut - temporarily as it turned out - about the same number of certified positions in anticipation of a budget crunch caused by a state revenue shortfall. The board eventually was able to restore those positions as just enough money became available.

On Monday night, the board faced the same budget situation as it again had to come up with a faculty allocation plan for the next school year based on grim state revenue forecasts. Like last year, the administration of every school district in the state has until March 1 (this year, it will be this Monday) to notify every site-based council in its district of staff allocations.


Based on the Danville district's staff allocation plan for 2004-05 approved Monday night, each of the five schools in the district - Hogsett, Jennie Rogers and Toliver elementary schools, Bate Middle School and Danville High School - will lose one full-time certified position. It will be up to each council to decide what position will be cut.

In addition, five district positions at least temporarily will be eliminated. These will be the technology resource and curriculum teachers, including 2004 Teacher of the Year Patti Rowland; one TRT position is assigned by district central office to each of the five schools in the district. The TRTs were among the positions temporarily cut last year but eventually restored.

The Danville district employs 170 certified personnel.

The next step in the process comes in a little over a month at contract renewal time. Based on the money picture at that time and on decisions by school councils on the positions they would eliminate, boards of education must notify certified personnel whether their contracts will or will not be renewed for 2004-05. In the Danville district, the practice has been to notify all non-tenured faculty that their contracts will not be renewed, as well as personnel holding any positions specifically eliminated in the staff allocation plan.

"Like last year, we are hoping that enough money eventually will be available to us so that we can eventually renew all contracts," said Rowland. "We know the notification process, where we tell our newer faculty their contracts might not be renewed, is hard on them. But we want to give them time to prepare in case the non-renewal does become a reality.

"Last year, we were fortunate to be able to get the money we needed for all certified positions and to give the notified teachers good news about their contracts," he said. "We have our fingers crossed that the same scenario will be played out this year. But as of now, we don't know for sure."

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