Junction councilman responds to mayor

February 24, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am Councilman Donnie Goode and I would like to share with the community of Junction City what really took place because this little town is a hard place to find the truth. I had approached the city clerk and was made aware after I explained my situation to her, that I don't have a business in Junction City because I am an agent for an attorney out of Louisville. I was made aware that I don't have to have a business license in Junction City.

But sometime between me leaving town on Jan. 30 for a three-week vacation and the time I returned, it was quoted on the front page of the paper that I needed a business license and had been sent a first notice to purchase one. But the funny thing about the whole thing is that the letter of warning is dated Jan. 12, 2004. I never received this letter and it was dated way before I ever left town.


I want the people of Junction City to know this: Every time I vote, I vote with your best interests in mind. That is why you won't see any more food bills to feed individuals. We don't have the money to do these types of things and if we did have the money, I still would not approve it.

Mayor Harmon singled me out for one reason and one reason only. I left him a letter before I went on vacation and I said that we as a city had been issuing citations for junked up property. I said in the letter to the mayor that before we start citing individuals to court we need to clean up that dump out behind City Hall. I am sorry if the shoe fits, but if the shoe fits you have got to wear it.

Mr. Harmon's remarks about me were unprofessional and unfavorable to me. I ask for a public apology.

Citizens of Junction City, remember that the mayor never told you all the good things I did for the city, such as donating a cherry veneer desk for the city clerk and giving back my income from the city for 2003.

Let me go on record today as saying I am 100 percent against the business license. It is time we at City Hall become accountable to the people and do something for the people and not against the people. Thank you to all of the people who have called my house to voce their support for me. As long as I am at City Hall, your money will not be wasted.

Donnie Goode

Junction City

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