Local academic teams dominate Regional Governor's Cup

February 26, 2004

Danville and Boyle County have been dubbed Title Town for being home to two perennial high school football powerhouses. But schools in the community have been flexing their academic muscles lately as well.

This past weekend, Bate Middle School won first place overall with a total of 42 points in the Regional Governor's Cup competition for middle schools at Bardstown with Boyle County Middle School coming in second with 34.5 points and Brookside Montessori Middle School of Danville coming in third with 13 points. A total of 17 schools participated in the competition.

Brookside's third place finish against a field of 16 other schools was particularly noteworthy given the fact that it was by far the smallest middle school in the competition. Brookside has a total enrollment of fewer than 20 students compared to Boyle Middle, for instance, which has a total of more than 700 students.

In addition to its overall and individual honors, Boyle Middle also won the Katherine C. Hume Sportsmanship Award, which is voted on by students.


All students finishing in the top five places, along with Future Problem Solving and Quick Recall teams, will advance to state competition March 13-15 at the Galt House in Louisville.

Area high schools also have performed well in Governor's Cup competition. On Feb. 14, area schools dominated the final standings in the District Governor's Cup competition for high schools at Mount Vernon. Danville High School finished first with 50 points, and DHS was followed by Lincoln County High School, second, 31 points; Boyle County High School, third, 18 points; and Garrard County High School, fifth, 11 points.

The four area schools, along with fourth-place finisher Rockcastle County High School, advance to the Regional Governor's Cup competition for high schools Saturday in Berea.

Local students place

Here are the results for local teams and team members in the Regional Governor's Cup competition for middle schools:

Winners advancing to state in Mathematics Assessment: John Liu, Bate, first; Casey Henson, Boyle, second; Alexander Clark, Boyle, fourth.

Science Assessment: Sebastian Pyrek, Brookside, first; John Liu, Bate, second; Cole Steber, Bate, fifth.

Composition: Joanna Dunn, Boyle, first; Matt Schulz, Bate, second; Nick Spann, Bate, third; Ansley Bredar, Boyle, fifth; Laura Burns, Brookside, seventh.

Social Studies: Blake Taylor, Boyle, first; K.C. Grimes, Garrard County Middle, third; Casey Henson, Boyle, fourth; Andrew Ramey, Boyle, fifth.

Language Arts: Rachel Beckman, Bate, first; Hannah Kagan-Moore, Brookside, second; Joseph Fons, Bate, third; Joanna Dunn, Boyle, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Rachel Beckman, Bate, first; Hannah Kagan-Moore, Brookside, second; Hunter Kendrick, Bate, third; Sam Fedorka, Boyle, fifth.

Future Problem Solving: Boyle, first; Bate, fourth.

Boyle Future Problem Solving team members are Megan Shell, Ansley Bredar, Kelsey Stillwell and Alex Schwarz. Bate team members are Taylor Brown, Caroline Stroup, Jessica Davis, and Katie Goggin.

Quick Recall: Bate, first; Boyle, second; Old Kentucky Home Middle, third.

Bate Quick Recall team members are Rachel Beckman, Hunter Kendrick, John Liu, Anderson Salinas, Joseph Fons, Taylor Foster, Drew Taylor, Cole Steber, Kyle Snapp, Jessica Newcomb, Jane Morrison, Maggie Pence, McKay Nelson, Matt Pence, Joe Will, Chris Oster, Alec Deluca, Nick Nelson, Cory Carney, Anna Meurer, Jamie Mohann, Tyler Smith, and Ester Rugerio. Boyle team members are Casey Henson, Blakey Taylor, Joanna Dunn, Alexander Clark, Andy Ramey, Hagen Sweazy, Jonathan Terry, Carl Michael, Nick Camic, David Farmwald and Charles Delp.

Bate students are coached by Anthony Carney, Logan Scisco, assistant coach of the Quick Recall team and Jason Routin, Future Problem Solving coach. Mary Jane Hall and Carolyn Godfrey coach Boyle students with assistance from Keith Stillwell on the Future Problem Solving team. Brookside's coaches are Susan Wheeler, Marta Pyrek and Lori Kagan-Moore.

In addition to her good performance in the Governor's Cup competition, Brookside's Hannah Kagan-Moore also won the recently held Boyle County spelling bee and will represent the county at the state spelling bee March 20 in Louisville.

High school results

Here are the results for area teams and team members in the District Governor's Cup competition for high schools:

Future Problem Solving Team: Danville, first; Boyle, second; Garrard, third.

Quick Recall Team: Lincoln, first; Danville, second; Boyle, fourth.

Arts & Humanities Assessment: Stephan Crown-Webber, Danville, first; Emily Reese, Danville, second; Kim Milburn, Danville, third; Clint McCrystal, Boyle, fifth.

Mathematics Assessment: Josh Thomas, Lincoln, first; Josh Qualls, Boyle, second; Joanna Howerton, Lincoln, third; Jessica McQuerry, Boyle, fourth; Will Stevens, Garrard, fifth.

Composition: Molly Weston, Danville, first; Katherine Becker, Danville, third; Megan Lankford, Boyle, fourth; Ben Sheene, Danville, fifth.

Language Arts Assessment: Seth Stogsdill, Lincoln, first; David Stroup, Danville, second; Laura Davis, Garrard, third; Jordan Baeker, Danville, fifth.

Science Assessment: Josh Thomas, Lincoln, first; Will Stevens, Garrard, second; Josh Qualls, Boyle, third; Ralph Morrison, Danville, fourth; Sean Lair, Lincoln, fifth.

Social Studies Assessment: Stephan Crown-Webber, Danville, first; Logan Scisco, Danville, second; Seth Stogsdill, Lincoln, third; Kyle Hester, Lincoln, fifth.

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