School board members 'make a difference'

February 26, 2004

Dear Editor:

As we approach the conclusion of the ninth observation of School Board Recognition Month, I ask that we take a few moments to consider the following lines from the Michael Hoffman film, "The Emperor's Club," starring Kevin Kline as the teacher William Hundert:

"Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance. What will your contribution be? How will history remember you?"

Kline delivers an entertaining and compelling affirmation of principles embraced in his private school. These principles also provide the foundation for public schools and society in general.

Hundert, in the film, speaks of civic virtue, character and conviction. These personal qualities among others shape the destiny of mankind. Good school board members possess these qualities. Their lives "go over into other lives," as one former student in "The Emperor's Club" notes. School board members ensure that public resources serve the public good to nurture the development of young people, to sustain the principles we hold dear. Good school board members do so not for themselves or for their own children, but for the community of mankind.


Serving Boyle County Schools are Chairman Preston Miles, Vice-Chairman Edward Sleet, and fellow board members Sharon Johnson, Tommy McGirr and Ruth Ann Elliott. These people have demonstrated time and again their support of the public good. The Boyle County school district's standing as one of the top 30 school systems in Kentucky reflects what is possible in a community where educators, parents and school board members join together in the mission of nurturing youth.

"School Board Members Lead So Students Succeed," a fitting message to recognize those who spend countless hours serving the public good, has been the theme chosen for this month by the Kentucky School Boards Association. School board members serve as role models of everyday people, whose contributions are making a difference.

As we move forward from this month of school board member recognition, let's affirm our roles by asking ourselves these questions: How do I make a difference? What will my contribution be? How will history remember me?

Pam Rogers, superintendent

Boyle County Schools

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