Garrard grand jury issues eight indictments

March 03, 2004|JIM LOGAN

LANCASTER - A Garrard County grand jury has indicted a Lancaster woman on two counts of first-degree assault stemming from a fight in which two men received serious stab wounds.

Stella Wilson, 25, of 127 Highland Ave., allegedly attacked Raymond Troxell in what police said was an alcohol-fueled rage in the early hours of Christmas day. Troxell was seriously wounded in the chest.

According to the police report, Tim Brown, who was Wilson's boyfriend and Troxell's brother, tried to stop the attack, but Wilson allegedly slashed Brown's arm.

Additionally, Wilson is accused of tampering with evidence by disposing of the knife used in the alleged attacks.

Lancaster police officer Allen Weston was the grand jury witness.

Others indicted included:

* Emilo Sanbel, 33, of Lexington, charged with trafficking in a controlled substance with a firearm; trafficking in marijuana with a firearm; fleeing or evading a police officer while creating a risk to others; third-degree assault; two counts of possession of a controlled substance; third-degree escape from custody; resisting arrest; driving under the influence of intoxicants; carrying a concealed deadly weapon; and failure to illuminate his license plate. He was arrested Jan. 24.


Lancaster police officer Tim Royce was the grand jury witness.

* Richard Buford, 23, of 448 Cardinal Circle, was indicted on charges of trafficking in a controlled substance, crack cocaine, with intent to sell; possession of drug paraphernalia; DUI, second offense; and disregarding a stop sign.

He was arrested Dec. 26. Weston testified before the grand jury.

* Derek Ingram, of 658 Thompson Road, was accused of defrauding a creditor by selling and transferring an all-terrain vehicle that was subject to a valid security agreement with a bank with the intent to hinder enforcement of the agreement. Rex Speake was the grand jury witness.

* Ronald Penman, 41, of 1958 Richmond Road, was indicted on charges of possession of crack cocaine; possession of drug paraphernalia; and disorderly conduct. Weston testified before the grand jury.

* Randy Haight, 32, of West Liberty, was indicted on seven charges in connection with a burglary of Flatwoods Baptist Church on Aug. 20.

Haight was accused of third-degree burglary; theft; unlawful transaction with a minor by using a juvenile in a burglary; possessing a forged check; inducing a minor to possess a forged check; receiving stolen property, a tractor worth more than $300; and being a first-degree persistent felony offender.

Weston testified before the grand jury.

* Kevin M. Lucas, 23, of 104 Daly Court, was indicted on six counts related to an automobile crash while being chased by police Dec. 13.

He was accused of first-degree assault by manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life and creating a grave risk of death and serious injury to his passenger, Jeff Miller; DUI; attempting to evade a police officer; speeding 20 mph over the speed limit; driving with a suspending license; and disregarding a stop sign.

Weston testified before the grand jury.

* Allan East, 53, of 252 Bethel Road, was accused of possessing OxyContin, possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI, carrying a concealed knife under his car seat, and no seat belt. East was arrested June 30.

Lancaster police officer John Ballard was the grand jury witness.

All will be arraigned March 19 in Garrard Circuit Court.

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