Questions raised about Danville's commitment to water consortium

March 03, 2004

Dear Editor:

In January, the Danville City Commission passed Resolution No. 2003-12-30-01 titled: "A non-binding resolution expressing the intention of the Danville City Commission to purchase water from the Bluegrass Water Supply Commission." The resolution states that it is Danville's "intention to enter into a long-term agreement with the proposed Bluegrass Water Supply Commission to secure committed capacity for one million gallons of water per day." The resolution further states, "Danville expects to actually draw 200,000 gallons of water from the grid per day."

The Citizens for Good Government-Danville/Boyle County requests that the City Commission provide it answers to the following questions before any vote on the ordinance presented to the Danville City Commission Feb. 23 by representatives of the Bluegrass Water Consortium.

1. If the City of Danville desires to only sell water, why would the City Commission pass a resolution commiting it to buy? Why does Danville want to be a member of the Bluegrass Water Supply Commission?


2. According to the resolution, Danville is committed to secure one million gallons of water per day but only expects to actually draw 200,000 gallons per day. What happens to the 800,000-gallon difference?

3. What has Danville paid so far and what have the taxpayers gotten for it? What will future costs and benefits be?

4. According to the Bluegrass Water Supply Consortium publication "Results of the Water System Regionalization Feasibility Study, Winter-Spring 2004," purchasing 200,000 gallons a day could cost Danville as much as $6.16 per thousand gallons compared to market rates of less than $2. Why should Danville make such a commitment?

5. What impact will this resolution have on the water bills of Danville citizens? Will they also be increased 200 percent or more?

6. Is this related in any way or to anyone involved in the Lexington Fayette County/Kentucky American water issue?

7. Is the consortium trying to take control of Danville's water supply?

Ernie Moore

Danville Citizens for Good Government

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