Casey lineman Allen to play for Centre

March 04, 2004|JILL ERWIN

LIBERTY - Andrew Allen was more than willing to give up his football career to focus on his future. But he found that at Centre College, he could work on both.

The Casey County lineman has decided to play college football at Centre, saying it was the combination of winning athletic and academic programs that made the difference.

"I just like the atmosphere up there," Allen said. "I believe I can play up there. They have a winning football team and I can get a very good education."

Centre shared the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference title last year, the same season Casey made its third trip to the Class AA playoffs in four years.


Allen, an All-Area selection last season, expects to play on the defensive line at Centre, and said coach Andy Frye is excited about the future.

"He tells me my best ball is ahead of me," Allen said. "I think so too."

Allen has a perfect 4.0 grade-point average at Casey and wants to go into engineering. He said he considered going to the University of Kentucky for their engineering program, but Centre's class size persuaded him to join the Colonels.

"It's a really good small college," Allen said. "At UK, 350 people in a class kind of worried me."

Allen hopes to eventually reach UK through a program offered at Centre. Centre offers a dual-degree engineering program with four universities (Kentucky, Columbia, Vanderbilt and Washington University). After three years at Centre and two at one of the other four schools, a student will receive both a bachelor of science and a bachelor of science engineering degree.

"The whole time, Andrew has been looking for school with good solid academics," Casey coach Andy Stephens said. "That's a good program for him, and I'm excited for him."

"I'd like to play four years of football," Allen said. "I'll probably go to Centre for three years and one semester so I can play all four years. I'll get a bachelor's (degree) in science and then go to UK."

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