Editorial: The 'Bush Light' party

March 07, 2004

Have the Democrats nothing positive to say? Have they no proposals of their own on fighting terrorism, boosting the economy or solving the entitlements problem?

Not right now anyway. The best they can do is bash President Bush for a couple of ads that came out last week showing him for the strong, capable leader that he is.

At least the Democrats are being consistent.

Since the brutal terrorist attacks on our country on September 11, 2001, the Democrats have offered no alternative to the president's strong response to the terrorist threat on our country.

And they have offered no alternative to the Bush tax cuts that have prevented the economic impact of the 9/11 attacks and the biggest stock market crash in history - which began, by the way, during the Clinton administration - from plunging the nation's economy into a 21st Century version of the Great Depression.


To be fair, the Democrats have offered "Bush Light" versions of a war on terror, in which they would turn the nation's defense over to a United Nations that has no history of defending America's interests.

And they have come up with a "Bush Light" that would take back tax reductions for what the Democrats call the "rich," which in fact includes most of the nation's middle class.

To round out the package, the Democrats have produced a "Bush Light" candidate, too: A war hero who's still fighting the last war while wobbling all over the place on the current one.

After months of taking the most brutal bashing a sitting president has ever been subjected to, Bush is beginning to air ads that remind people of the leadership he has provided over the past three years. Not content to just bash him, It appears that the Democrats and their supporters would silence him as well.

Fortunately, that won't happen. By election day in November, it will be crystal clear which candidate is the real Bush and which one is only the "light" version.

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