'Friends' begin fund-raisers for Casey library

March 08, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - A group of friends of the Casey County Public Library has decided that it's time to help out one of their favorite places.

Friends of the Library in Casey County organized in December and has begun fund-raisers to help purchase things the library needs, said Tom Ellis, organizer.

"We want to furnish anything the library needs but can't afford."

Members have invited Judith Berdine of the Pulaski County Public Library in Somerset to come and talk about her group and give them tips on how to work toward goals. She will speak at the 7 p.m. Tuesday meeting at the library.

"Our first goal is to get new front and back doors for the library," said Ellis. "They are too heavy for children and older people," he said. "They cost $872, and so far we have raised $40."


Ellis has been after state Sen. Vernie McGaha, R-Russell Springs, and Rep. Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon, and even Gov. Ernie Fletcher and his wife to join the Casey group. "It's been two weeks, and so far I have not heard from the governor," he said. However, the others have expressed interest.

Rita Dixon, anchor of the Casey County High School television station which televises of the local cablevision, has agreed to do some promotions for the library.

Membership is cheap

Membership is cheap, Ellis said. A person can join for $5 a year or pay $10 and get the membership and a T-shirt with the Friends of the Library logo.

The T-shirts also are used as prizes in fund-raisers.

A book sale will be held March 19 in the old senior citizens building behind the library. A preview of the books will be open to members only.

A yard sale is scheduled in May, and Ellis is working with Rick Terry, art instructor at the high school, to set up an art show and sale open to anyone. The entry fee for the show is $5, and an out-of-town artist will be asked to judge entries.

"People really need a place to exhibit their work," said Ellis. He said an art show at City Hall was a great success, and he wants to do more for local artists.

"The Friends are a big help to us," said assistant librarian Margaret Brumby. "They have been here today carting books to the old senior citizens center for the sale.

"I think they will do well," Brumby said. "We're happy, and it helps us."

The library has Jan Banks, library manager, and Elizabeth Roy as fulltime employees. Brumby and Noreen Gentry each work three days a week, and four others work a few hours a week.

The library has 12,000 patrons, and the monthly circulation is 5,000 books, 970 videos and 325 sound recordings. Between 500 and 600 people use the eight computers, said Brumby.

"Most of the time, the computers are in use," said Brumby, who has been at the library for more than 20 years.

Ellis and his wife, Jean, believe in the library. "I believe the library should be an infrastructure of any county," said Ellis.

Both retired, the Ellises came cross country from California in 1982 and after looking at several places in between, they decided on a farm in Sandusky Hollow off Ky. 49 in northern Casey County.

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