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March 09, 2004

Farm Service Agency

If you have bought, sold or are renting different land, make sure you report the changes to the Farm Service Agency as soon as possible after they occur. For farm ownership changes, you will need to provide a recorded deed or recorded land contract. Failure to maintain accurate records with FSA on all land you have an interest in can lead to possible program ineligibility and fines if you are participating in our program.

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

You can make a difference by following these safety rules:

Don't be an extra rider on a tractor, lawn mower, ATV, four-wheeler or dirt bike.

Stay away from power take-off shafts on tractors. Wear proper clothing.

Place warning decals on grain bins, wagons, and trucks.

Stay outside the fence when around livestock.

Drink, touch, and eat only what you know if safe.

Lift only what you can handle.


Listen when an adult gives you safety instructions.

Be a safe distance away when the yard is being mowed.

Don't do chores you have not been trained to do safely.

Have written instructions to your farm by each phone in case of an emergency. |None|***

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