Garrard school board selects architect

March 10, 2004|JIM LOGAN

LANCASTER - Garrard County Board of Education on Tuesday night selected an architectural firm that is virtually assured of getting the multi-million-dollar contract to design the district's new high school.

Ross-Tarrant Architects Inc. of Lexington edged out the firm of Sherman-Carter-Barnhart for the contract to design an expansion of the cafeteria at Paint Lick Elementary School.

But Superintendent Ray Woolsey made clear that winning the Paint Lick project made Ross-Tarrant the prohibitive favorite for the high school. "Unless we're not satisfied with what they do at the other projects," he said.

Lancaster Elementary School also is scheduled for work to be done by Ross-Tarrant.

The board has been touring schools around the state designed by the two firms.

Members were impressed by both firms' works, and Woolsey said the architects were mirrors of one another.

"In every instance, the information I received from both firms would be identical," he said. The only real difference that he could see would be the people in charge of the projects.


Ultimately, the board voted 4-1 to select Ross-Tarrant. Greg Crutchfield dissented.

With Garrard County High School getting crowded, the board has focused on building a new one. Although details about the new school - where and when it will be built - are up in the air, Woolsey has said that the board likely will start looking at possible sites next month.

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